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Cole Slaw and Potatoes


For your coleslaw, Nasoya recently introduced Fat Free Nasoya (soy mayo)
to the marketplace ... you may want to try that with your old recipe. 
I'm sure your local HFS will get it in (if they don't already carry it)
if you ask.  Also, I take those potatoes and use them for quick meals
all of the time!  I "dry fry" them with some beans and then add some
drained stewed tomatoes for a hearty stew/casserole type thing.  Or, mix
them with some shredded cabbage, sliced carrots & onions, caraway seeds
and a touch of nonfat Italian dressing for a quick easy meal (cooks in
about 10 minutes in the microwave).  Or, heat them in the microwave, add
some nonfat soy or rice milk and then mash them for quick easy nonfat
mashed potatoes (I LOVE these topped with the juice I strained off of
the stewed tomatoes ... reminds me of the mashed potatoes with stuffed
pepper sauce we had at grandma's on sundays when I was a kid).  Hope
this helps.

Leah in Cleveland