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Re: dining out w/ groups

This is so true for me- It justs feels so unfair to split evenly when
others are getting hefty meaty entrees and I'm getting something vegetarian
and trying to save $$ anyways. I just try to limit my going out with big
groups... I started getting the nicest healthy veggie option on the menu,
so I feel I'm getting my money's worth :-)  I'm young and healthy, so
people tend not to take my food choices seriously (because I'm not sick yet
or overweight). I tell them I want to STAY that way, so I eat the way I do.
Some people will never understand...

I actually only eat at friends' houses a handful of times per year, so that
actually *forget* to mention my diet. Believe it or not, it doesn't even
my mind that there will be chunks or beef or pork in the chili or the side
since I don't cook that way :-)  It always shocks me when I realize "oh no"
I forgot
to tell the hosts... So, I just eat what I can and try not to make it
My roommate will pipe up "Kelly Is allergic to red meat- she'll THROW UP if
there's any
in the food, right Kelly?" Then I get all embarrassed because everyone
Oh well :-)  It gets their attention. I actually tell people that too, but
only close
friends or people who continue to pry on why I won't just "eat a little"
Last time I ate a hamburger 7 years ago it came right back up :-)  I have
to admit I sometimes eat chicken & fish at restaurants, rather than the
only veggie entrees like
cheese enchiladas or cheese pizza. Sometimes I just get tired of bread &
veggies only... It totally depends who chose the restaurant on how hard it
is for me to
find something healthy, though. I try to choose the place when I can, but
it doesn't always work!

Good luck everyone.  Our type of diets will get more and more popular (as
it is
already starting, esp. vegetarian.)  I long for the day when you're weird
if you
DON'T eat lowfat mostly vegetarian... That would be a great improvement.


>One thing bugs me about paying the bill.  My meal is ALWAYS less money
>the other people's but universally people suggest splitting the bill
>equally.  I don't want to sound cheap, but I do resent subsidizing people
>who are essentially harming themselves, not to mention the impact on the
>environment of their eating habits.