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Re:Spicy potato chunks

Jessica wrote:

>Don't like to burst bubbles, but this recipe calls for a significant amount
>of mustard, which is high in fat.  I don't have the stats to hand, but
>mustard is something which should be used very lightly if you want to keep
>your fat intake down.  
>If the recipe is followed, I expect the fat per serving is acceptable.  If
>you use half the potatoes and twice the spice mixture...?

>>Spicy Potato Chunks
>>1/2 tsp paprika           1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
>>1/4 tsp cayenne           1-2 cloves minced garlic
>>2 tsp dried tarragon      8-9 medium potatoes, scrubbed
>>1 tsp dried mustard         and cut into 1-inch chunks

Hi Jessica;
        Yes, mustard probably has more fat than most people expect.  When
buying Dijon, look at the breakdown on the label, or if you're buying name
brands opt for Grey Poupon over French's... Grey Poupon has 1 gram of fat
per tablespoon, while French's has 3.  However, overall this recipe has
1118.5 calories and 4.775 grams of fat, meaning it clocks in at an amazingly
low 3.8% cff.