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To all of you out there in "fat-free" land:

I have only been a subscriber to this fat-free update about a week now, 
and I have been pleasantly and unpleasantly suprised.

I have been a vegetarian for about four years.  I learned from the 
beginning that preaching to people DOESN'T WORK.  I have also learned 
after fighting time and time again that you're being flexible makes all 
the difference in the world.  

Here's why:

When I became a vegetarian, I went gung ho on everyone!  I decided that 
since I made a decision to become a vegetarian that everyone else should 
too.  I constantly fought with my boyfriend and friends.  And to be 
perfectly honest, I was miserable.  Now I don't make any comments.  And 
you know what, what you're mother has always told you is true, silence 
does speak louder than words.  Now people approach me and say that they 
haven't had meat all day or that they tried a veggie burgur, or 
whatever, but that means that they have been listening to my silence.  
Before, when I would argue, people would automatically get on the 
defensive and nothing was accomplished.  I have also learned not to be 
so strick with myself.  I used to go to restaurants and get all uptight 
about what might be in my food, so much so that I would feel sick to my 
stomach.  What do you think is better?  Getting so worked up about it 
and making yourself sick, or just sitting back and relaxing and enjoying 
you meal knowing that you don't do this very often and a few extra grams 
of fat is not going to kill you (unless you have a already existing 
problem). Keep in mind that you have a harder time digesting food if you 
are all worked up.    Peace of mind is so very important.  

On the flip side, the recipes look great ( I haven't tried on yet but 
I'm going to try the San Francisco Black Bean & Corn Stew this week)

Take care and try to relax.