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McDougall Meal Ideas

I found the transition to the McDougall program relatively easy, but it 
wasn't really that much of a strech for me anyway.  If I eat breakfast, 
it is usually oatmeal or puffed brown rice cereal with rice milk (I don't 
always feel like eating in the morning...especially if I get up 
early...but I don't starve myself until lunch, I eat as soon as I 
actually get hungry.)  Lunch is usually a baked potato or some soup 
coupled with leftovers from last night's dinner.  

Dinner virtually always involves loads of steamed veggies (I absolutely 
love my Black and Decker Flavor Scenter Steamer--it infuses whatever 
herbs you choose into the steam and flavors the veggies) along with  
some kind of beans  and some sort of grain (barley, rice, bought some 
millet to try also) or potato.  I also make bean soups, barley and 
cabbage soup, vegetable soup, etc.  Sometimes we grill veggies and serve 
them over rice.  I also make spaghetti with spaghetti squash instead of pasta 
and top it with Marinara sauce (fat free, of course).  

During the day I drink lots of water and tea.  I snack on fruit (two 
servings) and raw veggies and popcorn. 

If I cheat on the plan at all it is only in so far as would be allowed on 
the regular Mcdougall Plan.  This generally occurs when I am eating out.  
For instance, at a restaurant I might eat pasta with marinara sauce, but 
I still wouldn't put any cheese on it (and obviously no meat in it :-P ).
Or, I would eat white rice if brown rice was not available (to me, it is 
still preferable to french fries!!)

Hope this helps...