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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #181

> From: wide-eyed wanderer <marya@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Re: Nut Substitute
> I've never been a big fan of nuts, but my mother was NUTS about them
> :)
> Then she had to have emergency surgery for diverticulitis and now it's
> no: nuts, seeds or popcorn. I would really miss the seeds and the
> popcorn, but she's been craving nuts. My sister brought a jar of
> "Wheatnuts" to the beach for a treat. The flavor and texture are
> nutlike,
> but I couldn't make my brain think they were nuts :) My mother LOVED
> them
> though.. so maybe nutaholics would go for them. I think they would be
> good in salads and for snacking...

WheatNuts may taste great, but they are extremely high in fat. At least
as high as the nuts they replace.A better substitute are roasted
chickpeas.They come salted or unsalted. High in fiber, low in fat and a
satisfying crunch. The best ones are found in middle eastern markets.
Second choice are indian markets, they are different.
As a fellow nut addict, these have been a lifesaver.