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McDougall v. Vegan

Melissa said:
    I was wondering two things:
     this would make me completely vegan, right? and also, how much success
     has everyone else had that has attempted this change in lifestyle?  It
     would not be such a huge change for me, but some of the things will.
     I only want to really lose about 20-25 pounds and really shape up.
     Does anyone have any input?  Thanks!!!!

Karen said:
It is a vegan diet.

A vegan diet is not simply one that eliminates dairy and eggs (as well as 
meat), vegans don't use any animal products at all.  That means no honey, 
no white sugar (processed with animal bone) and they strive to use only 
products that were not tested on animals.  Veganism is a lifestyle, not 
simply a diet.  While one can be a vegetarian for ethical or health 
reasons (or both), veganism is an ethical choice.  The McDougall Program 
is one of stict vegetarianism, not necessarily vegan.  Hope this clears 
up the confusion.