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Re: FF: request for a friend

In a message dated 97-08-15 15:18:12 EDT, gma@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< I have a dear dear friend struggling to get her husband to et more
 healthfully.  <snip>
 <snip>  She doesn't plan to deceive him,
 she just wants him to try it and then during the meal inform him that he
 has been eating TVP or whatever.<snip> 
I think your friend needs to discuss her husband's eating habits and get him
to agree to have perhaps one meatless meal a week for starters...IMHO,
nothing tastes like meat, no matter what Dixie advertises or any other veggie
I am a practicing vegetarian and have been for years...But, make no
mistake..I choose to eat beans, and tvp, and tofu because I want to for my
health...not because I dislike meat...There are still days when the thought
of a steak can make my knees buckle but I don't eat it because I prefer a
healthy choices in foods..
I think your friend is fooling herself that she can prepare a meal that her
husband thinks has meat in it without his knowing...When my husband had his
heart attack in May I resolved that he would give up animal protein in an
effort to improve his health...He eats  vegetarian and enjoys what I make but
is aware that it is not meat..That isn't to say he doesn't like the
meals...just knows what he is eating..He has chosen to eat in a way that will
make his risk factor for another heart attack lower but if tomorrow some
research scientists developed a pill that would allow him to eat a side of
beef and not raise his cholesterol levels, he would be there.
Just my $02...
Never Teach a Pig To Sing...It Wastes Your Time and Annoys the Pig