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FF: request for a friend

I have a dear dear friend struggling to get her husband to et more
healthfully.  When I tell you what his favorite meal is, you will see why.
It makes me ill even to type the words:  32 oz Porterhouse steak, Macaroni
and Cheese, broccoli with cheddar cheese sauce, baked potato with butter,
sour cream and bacon bits.


Now, he only orders like this in a restaurant...but she reports he is
highly suspicious of any meal which doesn't have an obvious protein source
in it such as meat, chicken, eggs, cheese....etc.  She was wondering where
she could locate receipes which look enough like the SAD to fool her
husband into thinking he was eating SAD.  She doesn't plan to deceive him,
she just wants him to try it and then during the meal inform him that he
has been eating TVP or whatever.  She is hoping that once he discovers how
satisfying healthy eating might be, that he might get past his

So..does anyone have any ideas?  Receipes which imitate mac and cheese?
Cheddar Cheese Sauce?

Gloriamarie     gma@xxxxxxxx
In La Mesa, CA, 1 town east of San Diego where, hallelujah, we once againn
have ...sigh...perfect weather and a lovely breeze and not so darned hot!!