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Defat'd Soy Recipes? +Detroit Food Store

Hello all,

First off, does anyone have some recipes using defatted soy (has the
texture of cornmeal)?  I especially like cassoroles using vegetables, but
I am always interested in hearing about anyones favorites.

In my never ending quest to find a worthwhile health food store in the
tranquil area of Detroit and surrounding areas....pause..., I finally
found one. For all the fortunate ones (like me; I am only a temp though),
try 'Good Foods' on Ford Road (Westbound),just west of I-275 by about 2
miles down, in a strip mall on the left.  They are quite large and have
many organic foods, some bulk, tons of cereals, and herbs.

I am an avid mountain biker and have always yearned for Peanut butter
since it keeps my energy up, but have been turned off by the high fat
content.  I heard about Dixie's PB but I found defatted PB at 'Good
Foods' for a buck or two cheaper.  Its got about 3.5 g. fat in 2 tbsp and
100 cal. Although I would sell my brother to the highest bidder for
fatfree/calorie free  PB, I have to say its a great alternative,
especially when I visit my parents and hear the regular PB calling my name
(16 g. of fat....ugh......it takes more energy to fight that than mountain
biking through Detroit on a Saturday night!).

Best regards,

Will K. Kossert
Ford Product Development - ACD
Dearborn, MI
Proud to be a Camerican