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Hi ,all!
I have been lurking for the past few weeks getting some really good recipes
, which I very much appreciate, but I have a couple questions...
First: why do "you all" put ** in words like meat and cheese? (Just
Also, there is a possibility that my husband, two children, ( Boxer dog
)Annie, and I will be moving to Northern Indiana in the next few weeks or
months. At the present we are in North Central Ohio. Does anyone have any
recommendations for good health food/supply stores in the Mishawaka, South
Bend, Michigan City, Indiana area?
I am slowly converting myself (sans family) to a very lowfat vegetarian
diet. I will be the first to admit it is not easy, so I have the greatest
respect for you all who are successfully living that way.
Thanks for the great posts! Keep it up.
"You know it all comes down to this:
         Do justly, love mercy
      Walk humbly with your God"
From"The Walk" by Steven Curtis Chapman