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I see lots of discussion about lunches and wanted to share my favorite

With a hand potato masher, mash a can of drained garbanzos (reserve the
liquid in case you need it) and then proceed to make a sandwich filling
to your taste.

I can't handle mayo any more, however you can add mayo.  Also, salt.
pepper, garlic salt, onion salt, celery, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard.

Just add what you like and stuff in a pita!

Also, there should be a couple of recipes in the fatfree archives for
some cakes that I have made from Cooking Light magazine.  They are
fabulous in a pita as well.  I would look up recipes for Black Bean
Cakes and Couscous Cakes or Patties.

Finally, grilled veggie burgers or boca burgers are great cold.  Just
separate anything damp like tomatoes so that you don't make the bun or
the pita soggy.