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Sugar Free Recipes

Sorry I'm so late in answering this but I only get to my email once a
week.  I'm also trying to cut sugar out of my diet but since I'm a
dessert freak it's really difficult.   However I have gotten a couple of
books (that don't use artifical sweetners) that have some good recipes: 
"Sweet & Sugarfree" by Karen Barkie and "Fruit Sweet & Sugar Free" by
Janice Feuer.  Barkie's book uses mainly fruit for sweetening.  Feuer's
book uses fruit sweetners which she tells you how to make yourself (if
you can't find it in your store) and tells how this sweetner can be used
in other recipes that call for sugar.  Hopefully you can find these at
your library or I got mine at Barnes & Noble (I've also seen them at