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McDougall Weight Loss

Melissa said:
    I was wondering two things:
     this would make me completely vegan, right? and also, how much success
     has everyone else had that has attempted this change in lifestyle?  It
     would not be such a huge change for me, but some of the things will.
     I only want to really lose about 20-25 pounds and really shape up.
     Does anyone have any input?  Thanks!!!!

It is a vegan diet.  I started on it a couple of weeks ago and found it 
surprisingly easy to make the change.
Maybe because it is a fairly drastic change and I find those easier than the 
subtle "cut down on..." kind of
changes.  I've tried to not be too hard on myself when I stray--and I have 
strayed.  However, I rationalize that
I'm eating better 95% of the time, and when I stray I'm still eating better 
than I have in the past.

I'm a pretty small person, but need to take off 5 to 10 pounds.  I've only lost 
a couple, but the "last five" are
the most stubborn, they say.

I'm curious to hear any feedback or ideas you have on this program since I'm 
still trying to work out the details
of incorporating it into my life, too.