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Dixie's prices

A word of warning  - any product that is not Dixie's own is subject to a
considerable markup and you should check elsewhere BEFORE buying it from
them.  Case in point:  the Fib Ribs (not at all a lowfat item, but a
healthier alternative to the beef jerky snacks my boys are partial to) are
sold for $1.59/ea and $1.44/ea if you buy six or more.  From Harvest Direct
(they have a terrific cyber-catalog at
http://www.midwest.net/creator/harvest/harvcat.htm#top) they cost $1.00/ea
and $11.00/dozen!!!  (For those of you who may be mathematically challenged,
that would mean paying Dixie over $6.00 more for the same dozen.)  I was VERY
unhappy to learn this after the fact, sent them an email and they have not
had the courtesy to respond. I was hoping for an apology, at the very least.