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Re: Hello! (Nutritional Yeast)

Melissa wrote:
>I see a lot of recipes that call for nutritional yeast. 
>However, I can't find nutritional yeast at all but can find something
>called Brewer's Yeast (sorry, I don't know if this contains any m**t). 
>are these two products alike?  Thanks in advance for your help.

        According to the cookbooks I have, brewer's yeast should never be
substituted for nutritional yeast.  Nutritional yeast is a natural, whole
plant grown as a food crop, whereas brewer's yeast is apparently a
by-product of the brewing industry.  Nutritional yeast also has a unique
flavour quite unlike other yeasts (I'm told - I've never had brewer's yeast
and so can't comment on what it tastes like).
        It's an inactive yeast that comes either flaked or powdered, in
colour it seems to go from pale beige to a golden-tan.  A few are fortified
with B12 (Red Star's T6635 is one); all are remarkably cheesy in favour.
Some packaged nutritional yeasts are not vegan, so label-gazing is important
if anyone out there is avoiding whey in their diet.  I use it often, and
find it keeps amazingly well in the fridge.
        Anyway, back to *obtaining* the stuff.  There are quite a few
mail-order companies who sell it - two that are listed in "The Uncheese
Cookbook" (which relies *heavily* on nutritional yeast in almost every
recipe) are:

        The Mail Order Catalog
        Box 180
        Summertown, TN

        Walnut Acres
        Penns Creek, PA

Hope this helps,