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bulk yeast and bread machines

having just read two postings today about buying bulk yeast, I decided to
put in my two cents worth. I recectly bought a two-pound bag of Red Star
yeast for about $4.50 in Restaruant Depot, a restaurant supple place right
here on Long Island, New York. I have a tax-exempt number for a theater compa
I work for in my non-employed hours, so that gets me in. Those little jh
jars cost about $6.00 for 4 ounces. I admit I haven't used the bag yet, still
have a little left in the jar.
As for the bread machine, sorry Bev, I absolutely LOVE mine. It's a Maxim
brand, cost $59 in Macy's. Can just dump the ingreaients in it, close the
lid, and press start. 3 hours 20 minutes later, fresh bread. Can go out,
do chores, whatever. No getting your hads messy, apartment space is small
hhere in New York, kneading space is nil. Pizza dough works out great too.
Susan Scatena