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roasted veggies, and w/e cooking

>I'm thinking of doing a lot of cooking on the weekends and
>fridging/freezing meals for during the week.  Does anyone else do this?  

When I studied in the U.K., eating out was hard on the pocket book.  It
became a natural habit, and relaxing way to spend a Sat. or Sun. in the
kitchen.  Highly recommended!  I found that bean burgers, bean 'm**t
loaves' and potato hash/stews held up well in the freezer.  They also made
filling lunches between busy clinic hours, too.  Once it becomes
incorporated into your schedule, it really *does* become enjoyable.

>I also have a question or two about roasting vegetables in the oven:  Are
>they covered in the oven to prevent scorching?  

I don't cover them, because the bit of black 'char' gives them the unique

Are there any veggies that
>don't roast well (other than maybe cabbage or lettuce or other leafy
Oy!!  Small gem lettuces cut in half lengthwise are great brushed with
marinade and grilled!  I'm not sure what doesn't work, but baby corn or
corn cobs cut into thirds, asparagus, fennel bulbs cut in half, and
zucchini are all great.

WIth BBQ season on the horizon, new marinade and grilling ideas might be
something to explore...


Sharon McCleave BSc(Hons)Ost, MRO
Reg'd Osteopath