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pizza, etc.

Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me or posted to the list about pizza
delivery, etc!  I'm armed with some great alternatives now.  It's difficult
sometimes living in a college town where you can get just about any food
not only delivered fast, but really cheap, too.

I'm thinking of doing a lot of cooking on the weekends and
fridging/freezing meals for during the week.  Does anyone else do this?  Is
it worth giving up that valuable weekend time?

I also have a question or two about roasting vegetables in the oven:  Are
they covered in the oven to prevent scorching?  Are there any veggies that
don't roast well (other than maybe cabbage or lettuce or other leafy

Again, thanks for the great responses!  This list rocks.


Christine Ingle
Penn State University
Dept. of Veterinary Sciences
103 Henning Building
University Park, PA  16802
(814) 863-7771