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On Sun, 30 Mar 1997 JRomjrom@xxxxxxx wrote:

>   we brought a "mini-feijoida" to a semi-SAD potluck (ironically, the hosts
> made chicken even though they are normally veg, since the didn't want to
> offend anyone) and it was a big hit.  the mini-feijoida was siimply a drained
> black bean spicy stew,  steamed shredded collard w/onion, and brown rice
>  arranged in a large lasagna type pan (but not in layers, side by side),
> garnished with hot salsa and cut up orange.  when we host dinner parties we
> often make a more elaborate version of the same, adding pickled  onions
> (onion, lemon, hot pepper)  and veggie sausage.  that with a salad is usually
> a nice meal.   

What exactly is a feijoida, and how do you eat it?  Scoop a little of 
everything onto your plate?

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill