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Bah-humbug (from a scratch cook)

I keep reading about rice cookers and bread makers and each time I do I
wonder "why do people bother?"

Brown rice can be cooked in about 45 minutes (white in 20) in any stove-top
pan.  Just bring the water to a boil, dump in the rice, stir once, tightly
cover and turn heat down to just as low as you can get.

Ignore it for the required time.  NEVER lift the top to "see how it's
coming along."  It's coming along quite nicely, thank you <G>.

I've tried 3 bread machines and have returned all 3 because they can't
begin to match the speed or quality of the whole wheat bread I whip up in a
Cuisinart food processor (others just don't do the trick...not enough power
in the motor.)

Once I've got my dough I dump it into an UNGREASED bowl, cover it with a
moist towel and leave it alone to rise for 30 minutes.  I then punch it
down, place it into the loaf pan and again, cover it with a moist towel in
an oven that has been turned on at 300 for a minute, then leave it alone
again for another 30 minutes.

Then I remove the towel, crank the heat up to 375 and 30 minutes later it's

This waiting all bloody night for a loaf of air-filled bread might be okay
for some folks, but if I want air, I'll breath it <G>.

Besides, none of the bread machines lasted an entire week in my kitchen. 
The motors burned out, unable to keep up with someone who bakes every day.

I guess I'm starting to show my age by my snubbing the new-fangled
contraptions that are supposed to save time, but wind up taking longer than
the old tried and true methods.

Good health to you all!    Bev