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Dear Michelle and Others,

Looking back on my choice of the word "print" I apologise if my post in any
way gave the impression that I wanted to commercially use any of the
material off the digest.  I have a scrapbook in  the kitchen too, which
enables me to use recipes without diving back to the computer and clogging
up the keyboard with a conncoction of gooey flour, smelly garlic or some
other delight....  The liklihood (alas) of me ever getting organised enough
to rescue my fat free recipes from the depths of my cluttered file manager
and print them to my scrap book is fairly remote.  I don't think anyone has
anything to worry about there...  The idea of producing a recipe book from
the hard work of "ordinary people" out there on this list, BTW, is a great
one, and I hope you do so.

Kind regards,