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srlng: A plethora of questions! :)

Hi everyone...I am posting this message again, as I'm not sure if it was
in the digest as I never saw it, but maybe I missed it as I have gotten
messages about Trader Joe's. One from Erin said there is an
800#--1-800-SHOP TJS, but she is not sure about the #. Does anyone
recognize this #, having used it? ~~ Also I am VERY interested in
finding the method to make those delicious Japanese eggplant and
peppers. I wish I knew the name of the dish or better yet, had gotten
the recipe from the pastor's wife! ;-)  Well, thanks for any help in
this regard and keep up the great work on this list! It is greatly
appreciated and I look forward to reading it every day--and USING it! xo
Mary Sue

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Subject: A plethora of questions!  :)
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 02:06:08 PST
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So many questions, so little time.... #1--Joan Herrera mentioned
"seitan". Is it similar to tempeh, and where would I find it ( if I
decide to try it after I find out what it is! )?  #2 --
I too must have missed the Chocolate Granola recipe so could that be
posted again or sent to my address? My daughter would LOVE it, being a
choc-o-holic, but at the same time really trying to eat sensibly. 
#3--Bob Williams told us about Trader Joe's ff cheeses. Is Trader Joe's
a kind of chain grocery store or specialty store? Is there a number
available to call them to find out where the closest store is, or to
order from them direct? I would really appreciate that as I live with my
in-laws and they only use a kind of non-dairy cheese which I call
"plastic cheese". It melts ( sort of ) but stiffens right up again into
plastic shreds or slices ( ickky ).  #4-- Does anyone out there have a
recipe for something  that was served when I was invited for dinner to
the pastor of the Sacramento Japanese Seventh Day Adventist's house? It
was so delicious and very simple. There were slices of the long skinny
Japanese eggplants, and wide strips of both red and green bell peppers.
These had been cooked some way to make them fairly tender but not mushy.
Then they were marinated in a wonderful sauce which I'm sure contained
soy sauce, and perhaps ginger, garlic and peanut or sesame oil. It was
seved cold and very nicely arrayed on a large platter. I would be VERY
thankful to recieve the recipe for this great dish; in fact I would send
a copy of my cookbook of vegetarian entrees ( a compilation of my favs )
to the person who can let me know how to fix it !  :)   Thanks in
advance to any replys!    TTFN     Mary Sue
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