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Nature's Touch for Pesach

Okay, all you folks who fall to pieces at Passover, there ARE healthy

I buy vegetable, actually vegan, chicken-flavored stock, and make matzoh
balls with no fat and just the whites of eggs.  Secret?  Let them rest in
the 'fridge for longer than normal.

This makes, of course, "sinkers," but hey, they're matzoh balls.  Out of
season I use baking soda as a leavening and that converts 'em to "risers."

Meat.  Nature's Touch or Gimmelean.  Both Kosher.  Gimmelean has a paste
that if spiced up enough can fool even the most SADistic person in the

I take a whole package of Gimmlean, add two egg whites, some matzoh meal,
and almost too much garlic.  Roll them into balls.  Place in skillet with
about 14 ounces of ketchup and 2 cups of ginger ale.

Cook, turning once or twice, in simmering sauce.  Half an hour to 45
minutes generally does the trick.

Great for noshing or as part of main meal.

Of course there are always Nature's Touch Vegan Burgers.  Fantastic by
themselves or with a non-fat gravy.  Worried about the small amount of milk
in the gravy?  Don't!  There's no meat, so the recipe is kosher.

Ma nishtono ...