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Beano: necessary?

Beans are not only delicious and nutritious, but if eaten regularly the
need for gss reduction is automatically eliminated (no pun intended).

I used to be dirt poor.  That meant eating rice and beans with cornbread or
beans and rice with cornbread or cornbread with beans . . . you get the

Once the digestive tract gets used to digesting the woderful containers of
nutrition, you no longer will have problems.

Tongue-in-cheek hint:  Never cook more than 239 beans.  Just one more make
it 240.

Play with that 240 number in your mind for a moment or two...

I've fallen off the vegan wagon and have gone back to being an ovo-vegie. 
With that much admitted, I can tell y'all that I just got through eating
four egg whites smothered in salsa and served with a side of homemade
refried beans.

Jane, thanks for the warning about Bean-O and penicillin.  I wasn't aware
of that.  I'm VERY alergic to penicillin.

But I LOVE my beans!