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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #60

Bette Kindman-Koffler <BetteK-K@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

> I want to make a vegetable dish that includes a "dough" component. However,
> the recipe calls for margarine...can anyone suggest something [a fat 
> replacement] that will not add sweetness? I've thought about using tomato 
> sauce or paste, but my family would rebel at pink bread.  

Why not just use bread dough? There have been a lot of recipes posted 
recently. I have had success using bread dough instead of pastry to make 
pasties and pies.

Can you post the recipe, explaining what the dough is used for; then 
it'll be easier to suggest an alternative.


PS Kathleen's Super Stuffed Eggplant looks great; will be trying it soon 
(without the cheese). Thanks!

PPS Elayne---how on earth is reduced-fat peanut butter made? As far as I 
know, peanut butter here (UK) is just ground-up peanuts with an 
insignificant (compared to the peanuts!) amount of oil to stop it all 

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