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Trader Joe's

Katja gave the web site for Trader Joe's, so I went to the site.  They do not
mail order.  They are on the West coast in several places and now are in
Mass., and will be opening more store down the coast.  Sure hope they make it
to Florida, sounds like a great place.  Very informative web site for those
interested.  In case you missed her information it is:

Thanks to those who sent the information for the free catalogs, one in Texas
and one in California, I have ordered those from the toll free numbers.

There is a natural and organic foods catalog with macrobiotic specialties.
 It is Mountain Ark Trading Company.  For a catalog call 1-800-643-8909.
 Subscriptions to the catalog (3 x yr) are free.  If you would rather write:
Mountain Ark Trading Co., P.O. box 3170, Fayetteville, AR 72702.

The other catalog I receive is Walnut Acres Organic Farms.  It is well known,
been around since 1946.  Catalogs are free 1-800-433-3998 or write:  Walnut
Acres Organic Farms, Penns Creek, PA 17862.

These are both great catalogs.  If you want more information on what items
they have you can e-mail me.