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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #59

HI gang!...

LAst week I read a message about Udo's Choice.... a supplement that supplies all the essential 
fatty acids. I was interested in this because I eat so little fat and my skin is very dry. Someone 
e-mailed me privately about it, and I went out and bought some. When I read the label, I freaked! 
Each tablespoon gives you about 14.5 gms of fat!. Is there something I'm misssing about this as far 
as using it while trying to maintain a lowfat lifestyle? Is this fat metablolized in some other way?

If I used this stuff, I basically wouldn't be able to eat ......because it says to take two tablespoons 
per day!

Sorry if this is "off-topic" .I lost the e-mail of the person who I wrote to privately. If you're out there, 
e-mail me back with an answer about how you include this in your day to day fat computations.
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