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Mashed potatoes, Peruvian yellow sauce, Burgers

Susan <SRIR@xxxxxxx> wanted a recipe for low-fat mashed potato.  The idea
of adding parsley is good. Try also adding some finely-chopped onion
(maybe 1 medium onion per pound of potatoes) when you boil the potatoes,
then mashing it in. Try using garlic in the same way; or mash in some
baked garlic (bake a bulb unpeeled in the oven until soft). 

Tiffany wrote about her Peruvian mother-in-law's potato, zucchini, other
squash and high-fat-stuff dish in yellowish sauce, and wondered what made
the sauce yellow. Saffron has been suggested...what about turmeric powder?
Turmeric is most likely if the dish leaves yellow stains on plastic/wood

Shona was talking about grinding dry beans to make burgers. Those of us 
with puny blenders (mine is hand-held and I broke the last one I had 
trying to grind soaked uncooked chickpeas to make falafel) could try this 
with rice and split red lentils perhaps (less work for the blender). 

This is my first post since the list came back up. I had been missing it 
but now I'm pretty busy...will begin posting recipes again soon though. 


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