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"Instant Flavor"

While visiting my "SADistic" daughter and son-in-law (one of the great
ones!) I decided to bypass the SAD food they were going to eat and go for
some of the good stuff.

My daughter was amazed at how two items, onions and mushrooms, could add so
much FLAVOR to baked potatoes, rice, etc.

Using one of the umpteen recipes for caramelizing onions I found in FF, I
began the process by sweating the onions over a medium high heat in a
non-stick pan.  

When there was enough crust on the pan to deglaze it, I added a touch of
water.  My daughter was amazed at the burst of wonderfullness that hit her
olfactory nerves.

We then sliced some brown mushrooms (could have been buttons or any other
kind of mushroom you prefer) and gently stirred them into the browing

One or two more deglazings and they were ready to be placed in a festive

I used them to stuff my baked potato and brown rice.

The "kids" put them over everything, including the "SADomite" food they
were eating.

Only afterwards did my son-in-law say, "There's nothing like onions browned
in fat."

Sure there is.

I've since tried it with couscous.  Yeeech!