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Freezing asparagus...

Hi Mort! We too really enjoy asparagus season and extend it by freezing
the bounty. My mother-in-law maintains a large patch of it and actually
shares large amounts with us! All you need to do is wash and trim the
stalks, and cut them into whatever size pieces you want. Cutting the
stalks makes it easier to handle and put into bags. Get a large pot of
water boiling and put the cut up veg. in a colander or handled basket.
Plunge this into the boiling water for 1-2 min. This stops the enzyme
action that would otherwise keep the veg. "maturing" resulting in tough
stalks. After blanching, remove immediately to a sink or large bowlful
of ice water. This stops the veg. from further cooking as you only want
to blanch it slightly.
Drain well, and bag in freezer bags. When you want to enjoy your "fresh
frozen" asparagus just put it in a pot with a veg. steamer and cook
until heated through and done to your taste. Delicious!      Good Luck!
:-)  Mary Sue