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Making the change

Lynn asked about aspects of making the change to a VLF diet.

Lynn, the most helpful move I made was to experiment with how many
vegies plus a carbohydrate you can find.  My standard evening meal is
based on this principle, and whenever I need something new I try
1. a new flavour base (my standard is garlic and oregano or basil,
recently I have tried fennel and also sage)
2. a new carbohydrate (couscous, baked potatoes instead of rice or
3. a new vegetable (I recently bought some yellow squash for a nice

Using this principle you can try Chinese noodles (egg noodles, ginger
and soy sauce), all kinds of pasta sauces (napolitana, puttanesca, there
is an Italian Vermicelli in the archives I make at least once a
fortnight) and mexican (beans, rice, leftovers are good for burritos). I
recently tried couscous and vegetables, but am still experimenting with
my preferred flavours for this one. (Ideas anyone?) 

If you are still eating meat I assume you are still eating dairy. I'm
not vegan myself, so I add ricotta cheese to a pasta dish to make a
creamy sauce.  This makes it more filling to me, so non-vegetarians
might miss the meat less.

This system allows me to go through changes and fads (my broccoli stage
lasted a *long* time), while at the same time slowly teaching my partner
to make new dishes.  He's got the basics mastered now, I just need him
to experiment some more!

Finally, keep subscribing to fatfree.  I have been a subscriber for
nearly two years now, and whenever I need a new idea, this list and
archives are always the first places I look, despite my (now impressive)
collection of recipe books. 

Kirsten Andrews
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Vice Chancellor
University of South Australia
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