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Re: cheaper VLF

I have been pleasantly surprised to find that we are spending less eating 
vegetarian VLF, even though we also are trying to buy organic whenever 

The key seems to be to 1) make things from scratch, 2) keep looking for bean 
dishes that really do tasted great! 3) buy in bulk when you notice a good 
We have been inspired by the _Tightwad_Gazette_ strategy of keeping a price 
book, tracking unit prices of key items so that you will know when there is a 
good price.  It really does work!  The other day we found fat free soy milk 
on sale for $1 off per carton.  So, we put in an order for 30 cases (360 
cartons!)  While this does require the money up front to buy in bulk, we figure 
we saved $360 on a staple that we will eat before the year is out.