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air-popped popcorn toppings and many thanks!

Hello out there!
OK - It's my first post, and I feel I should give BIG TIME THANKS for 
all your fantastic recipes and info.  I can't believe I stumbled across 
this list, or that I ever lived without it!!  Michelle deserves a BIG 
hand for keeping this list going! :)  

Hopefully I'll be back soon with a great recipe for you all, but for 
now, I need some help....
I recently bought an air popper for popcorn, and was wondering if anyone 
has any non-fat suggestions for toppings.  I tried plain salt, but it 
doesn't stick, and neither does Molly McButter.  I confess to using I 
Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray - It helps the salt stick.  However, 
I would like to aim for something more non-fat than a spray whose 2nd 
ingredient is soybean oil....  Thanks for any suggestions you come up 
- Juli (in Belmont, CA)