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>Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 07:47:52 +0100
>From: Ellen Sentovich <ellens@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Nutrition/Cranberry Orange Bread
>Message-Id: <199704121447.HAA16207@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Michelle has correctly reminded us that nutrition discussions
>are off topic.  In the same digest, someone really hit a chord
>with me about rations of carbos/protein etc.  There is a whole
>camp of people out there that believe in low carbos and high
>protein, and fat doesn't really matter.  Ug!  If someone has
>pointers to discussion groups or info on the Web (USDA? latest
>medical research?) could they post them?  Then we can go off
>and read about it in the right forum.  In fact, maybe pointers
>from the FF page would be helpful?

Try the " healing-heart-digest@xxxxxxxxx"

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>message to:   waste@xxxxxxxxx
>If you'd like the regular version of the list, where each message
>is sent to you as soon as it is posted, send the following line:
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>If you'd prefer the digest version, where all the posts are held
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>No subject is needed.


Donald E. Stowe (Don) <destowe@xxxxxxxxxxxx>