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Dixie Diner

Dixie Diner seems to be a popular topic lately and Harry wanted to know how to
contact them.  As far as I know, they are a mail order resource only.  I am
taking the liberty of posting their entry, as of fall 1996, as listed in my
catalog directory:

Dixie USA, Inc.
P.O. Box 5549
Houston, TX  77255
(800) 347-3494
(713) 688-4993; Fax (713) 688-5932
	Beef-Not & Fat-Not.  Flavored gourmet mixes, egg-substitute, Mori-
Nu tofu, Italian flavored mixes, bread mixes, dried mushrooms, dietetic 
fudge, low-fat cocoa, no-salt seasonings, mustards, pickled garlic, BBQ 
sauce, potato chips, hot chili pepper oil, salsas, jalapeno pecan brittle, pasta

salad, dip mixes, soup mix, coffee, tea.

Frieda Landry
The Manna Directory