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Sweet Yam Pudding

This recipe was posted a few weeks ago, and I'm sorry I didn't
save the name of the poster.  It is so delicious.  It is now my
favorite dessert, and believe me, it sifted itself to the top of
a *very* long list!  I've put a few hints at the bottom.

Sweet Yam Pudding

3-4 large red garnet yams
1/4 c. fresh-squeezed orange juice
1 tsp nutmeg
slices of blood oranges (or other citrus) for garnish

Individually wrap yams in heavy duy aluminum foil and bake at 350F
for 3 hours.  This will carmelize the pulp giving it a smooth,
sweet flavor.  Cool yams overnight in refrigerator.  Remove foil
and yam skins (they should fall off) and put pulp in food processor.
Add juice and spices and blend 8-10 minutes, until pudding is light
and fluffy.  Chill and serve in individual dessert dishes garnished
with fruit.

- I put the yams on some non-stick pan; they seem to "leak" no matter
  how tightly I wrap them.
- 3 medium yams seems about the right ratio for the amount of other
- You really do need to blend for a while to make it light and fluffy
  This makes a big difference as to whether you get sweet yams or a
  sweet fluffy pudding.

Notice this is vegan, and has no processed sugars, or processed items
at all.  And we all know how good yams are for us!  It is also very
easy (the skins really do fall off) and keeps well in the refrigerator
for a few days.  Enjoy!