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oil substitute for a savory/ whey

Recently I purchased Streit's veggie kishka for the first time, pleased that
the ingredients were just matzah meal and dehydrated vegetables.  In my
haste I didn't notice that to complete the recipe,  water AND 1/2 cup oil
was also required.  For sweets, the fruit purees/corn syrup etc. has worked
well, but can anyone suggest an idea for this sort of dish?
( Kishka is like a narrow veggie sausage.)
Also, the whey left from making yoghurt cheese seems too valuable in
nutrients to be tossed.  Is there a way to use whey?  (Oh dear...a funny!)
Does it keep well in the fridge to be used as needed?
I'd hate to throw it 'awhey'.  Okay, I'm through now.

Registered Osteopath-------