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Airline Food

>While I'm writing, I'd like to poll again about people's best tactics
>for airplane food.  I thought I had a good formula (order veg, no ovo,
>no lacto, which is usually available and usually lowfat) but it failed
>miserably on a recent United trip.  Gory details omitted.  Most people
>will tell me to bring my own, and I try to do that, but on long flights
>with long commutes to the airport and long waits between transportation
>mediums and strange hours, it is hard to do this.  There is not a 24-hr
>Safeway next to all major international airports.


Dear Ellen,

My beloved grandfather was a cancer patient (before he passed away), and
during his "better" times, I'd brought him on travelling trips... on one
occasion where my sister & I brought my grandparents to Bali, Indonesia, my
mother had forgotten to inform the airline or travel agency that my
grandfather was not allowed to consume any meat/meat-based food... not even
vegies cooked with oil that's been previously used before to fry meat.... I
was so frustrated & heartbroken when my grandfather couldn't eat anything
on the plane except bread rolls & fruit... and when we were in Bali, the
tour guide could not make any special arrangements for my grandfather's
diet in time, so he had to eat cans of baked beans, chinese pickles and
rice everyday.... I tried to arrange something vegetarian for him the very
first day, but discovered that the oil used was lard & vegetarian fried
rice was merely pre-prepared fried rice (with lard also) with pork &

The day before we were supposed to fly home to Singapore... I'd called
Garuda Indonesia personally & requested a special diet for my grand
father... I told them that he was on a strict diet plan, and any mistakes
regarding food could cost him his life... my grandfather was so pleased and
happy in the end because they served him a beautiful vegetarian meal... low
fat & healthy... the best meal (ironically, on an airplane) he's had in

So the point is to speak up... and try to make others understand that you
are serious about & commited to what you believe in.... and they will help
you... otherwise, change airlines...


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Karen Lim