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I thought Granola was similar to muesli - you can't buy granola in NZ but any
number of mueslis.  I prefer to make my own because they tend to add alot of
oil for no apparent reason, and the low fat ones are all whet flakes and other
non-dense stuff.
This is what I do , very approximate, no measuring required.

Put a bag (1kg?) of rolled oats (whole ones, not the flakey porridge ones) in a
microwavable bowl.  Add some bran flakes (or allbran), some oatbran, (tiny bit
of thread coconut and chopped nuts, pumpkin kernals and sunflower seeds if you
are so inclined) and any other cereal type stuff (I use whatever I find in the
bulk bins at the supermarket the previous shopping trip). Melt a quarter cup of
honey in the microwave and pour over the oat mixture and mix well.   Microwave
for 4 mins, stir and m'wave another 4 minutes then leave to cool and add dried
apricots, chopped prunes, sultanas, dried apple - whatever you like.  Last time
I cooked it in the oven rather than the microwave and it came out crunchier
rather than chewier like in the microwave.  For the oven I just spread it out
on a slice tray and baked 10mins then stired and baked a bit longer.  Make sure
you add the fruit after cooking cos the cooking dries it out more!

I love this and often find myself snacking on it between meals if I am at home
- although my SAD (or "Standard New Zealand Die"t which is probably worse since
we produce so much meat and dairy products here and have little or no
low-fat/fatfree options - low-fat cream cheese is 16% by weight - what is that
by %cff? - needless to say, I do without the cheese!)

have a great day everyone (summer is ending over here which is a bit