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Fatfree in Canada

This may be a little late (I'm way behind on digests), but somebody asked about
their inability to find "fatfree" dairy products in Canada, specifically
Quebec. A major issue here is the difference between Canadian and U.S.
labelling standards. As I understand it, U.S. products may be labelled
"fatfree" if they contain 0.5 g of fat per serving or less. The same product in
Canada would have to be labelled "lowfat". Hence the paucity of "fatfree" this
side of the border.
Just read the labels and decide what is lowfat enough for you. Astro yoghurt,
for instance, is 1% fat. I don't know how much that is in grams per serving (I
don't eat dairy products), but it may be acceptable to you.

Of course Quebec is not the best place to look for lowfat or fatfree stuff
anyway - too many wonderful creamy fullfat cheeses!!! You may have to make the
trek into Ontario ...

Be well, Hadass

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