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dry salad?

Hi, my name is Anne and I've been lurking in Iowa (which is a hard thing to
do). I'm not a vegetarian but I am on a low-fat diet that I've maintained
without much problem for more than a year.

My question in reading the posts is this: Why is the only alternative to
foods that contain fat deemed to be a dry salad? There are great
alternatives to fat-filled salad dressings, even if you don't use nonfat
commercial dressings. My personal favorite is balsamic vinegar; a friend
prefers fresh lemon; my father uses a small amount of tomato juice.Warn
your hostess/restaurant ahead of time or bring them yourself. Or were you
all using "dry salad" as a symbol of what other folks think your food must
be like?

Perhaps you'll consider this naive (or know that I didn't get the joke!)
but I was just curious.

'Sfunny, though...I don't have the slightest problem getting people to
steam veggies or fix low-fat things when I eat at their house.Many are on
low-fat themselves.  I know I'd have more problem if I were a vegetarian,
but I wonder if you might succeed better with quiet, loving conversations
than the kind of knife-edged putdowns I've been reading. Just a thought,
and feel free to yell at me about it!

I do LOVE your recipes. What a batch of great cooks you must be!