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Portabella burger

Hi Venita, here's my recipe:


1	bun-size Portabella mushroom	
Vegetarian Worcestershire, Tamari, or other basting liquid			
1	thin slice FF or reduced-fat cheese of choice	
BBQ, Teriyaki, Taco Sauce, or condiments  of  your choice                     
1	leaf of lettuce, optional
1	thin slice tomato, optional
1	wholegrain bun, split and  toasted

     Clean Portabella and remove stem.  Baste with Worcesteshire and grill
over flame or coals, or in 400-450 degree oven approximately 25 minutes,
turning and rebasting after 15 minutes.  During last 5 minutes, melt cheese
atop mushroom.   Place on toasted bun and add condiments and additional
toppings, if desired.

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