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I am back

(I sent this some days ago, but did not see it on the list, so here goes 
again, if it show and I missed it, sorry)

YES, I am back!

(and I love reading from all of you)

I have lurking for some days, and will probably continue this way as I
have a lot of work, but someone asked about me, Bethanne I believe, and
I wanted to say hi to all.

I am working hard at the University of Alabama, here in Tuscaloosa,
working on my PhD in Instructional Technology

So I have lots to read, analyze and write.  But reading your posts is
a nice rest.

My weight is still fine, After loosing nearly all my weight I am doing 
great, and that is thanks to the list.  I am still missing those last
but I am 5-2 and am using size 6 or 4, petite.  But the scale still says
125, and I'd like that number to be lower, any suggestions are accepted.
I am eating low fat, nearly vegan, and walking the treadmill between 30
and 45 mins
a day.  Suggestions?????????

In another post I am sending something about Olestra, which was
forwarded to
me, and as you were talking about it some days ago...


Jenka Keizer-Guevara			The University of Alabama 
jkeizer3@xxxxxxxxxxxx			Tuscaloosa, Alabama