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This is a recipe for sushi....
Very Yummy....

3-4 cups cooked rice, cooled
8-10 sheets of roasted seaweed  (cheaper at Asian markets)
4 tbls white vinager
1.5 tbls suger
a little salt...
grated carrot, zucchini (sp?), cabbage, advocado (high fat), or other veggies
sesame seeds (very optional) 
soy sauce ( i recommend the lite, as the seaweed has a fair amount of sodium

Dissolve the sugar and salt in the vinager, then sprinkle over the rice...go
easy on this...   Mix in sesame seeds.

Lay a sheet of seaweed on a sheet of plastic (I use a produce bag from the
store, Saran wrap stuff is to sticky, it makes it a pain).  Spoon some rice
onto the seaweed (I've never measured this), and smoosh it down with the back
of a spoon, untill you've covered the sheet (leave a half inch strip empty on
one side). i usually have mine maybe 1/3 an inch thick..Make sure you get it
packed down tight..
Along the opposite edge fom the one you left blank,
 place your shredded vegetables, don't be skimpy, but don't
overload...   Put a stripe of mustard alongside the vegetables, then sprinkle
the whole sheet with soy sauce....Once this is done, place the edge with the
vegetables facing you, lift the edge of the plastic, then TIGHTLY roll the
seaweed... Before  you get to the blank strip, wet it lightly with your
fingers...After you have rolled it, wet the outside edge again to help hold the
roll together.....I then place the roll in a glass baking dish, and cool it for
awhile..  SLice with a sharp knife, eat the end bits =>, and place the rest on
a nice dish, and it makes a cool, colorful presentation... 
I serve mine with a FF honey-mustard sauce that I make from FF mayo, mustard
and honey, mixed to taste, (go easy on the mayo, I just like it fro teh creamy
texture in this sauce)  

Enjoy (this recipe sounds comlplicated but it's not)-