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Cravings For Meat

Just a couple of suggestions for those with cravings for meat.  Try tempeh,
a very dense whole-soybean product.  It is much more filling and satisfying
than tofu.  Don't be alarmed when you open the package if it looks
mouldy--that's part of the good bacteria that produced the tempeh.  (I
threw out my first package until someone explained it to me.)  I usually
dice it up on a cutting board, and saute it it my favourite sauces, lots of
sweet, sour, spicy, smoky, whatever.  It needs to be cooked thoroughly. 
You can always pour more sauce over it.  Makes nice tooth-pick foods on a
small platter.  When you chew it, it has the consistency of liver pate, and
a taste of its own.  Also, Yves Fine Foods makes a fat-free very tasty
veggie Canadian Bacon if you can get it in your area.  They make low-fat
hot dogs, pepperoni slice, deli slices.  It's not everyday foods, but might
help with the cravings.

Good luck!  :-)

Victoria, from glorious, sunny, crisp North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Victoria Hogan
Activist, Writer and Vegetarian Nutrition Consultant
(604) 987 8296  FAX (604) 987 1857