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cereal / old age

First, I found the most wonderful Danish cereal called Fibersund
in Belgium.  I have not found it in France, and will not find it
in the US.  The ingredients are

wheat bran

Isn't that great?  No sugar, no aspartame, no junk.  It is very
delicious too, even just with water (good for on the road in
hotel rooms).

The problem is availability.  I wrote to the company, and though
they sent me two boxes of this cereal, then have no plans to
distribute in the US or France.  In case anyone would like to
start a letter campaign, the address in Belgium is

Fibersund Company
S.A. Prona NV
Prona Genucchi
61A Rue de Liverpool
B-1070 Bruxelles

Second, there was an emission on television last night about aging,
featuring some of our distinguished elderly French citizens.  They
had in common, of course, a very modest diet with
- low calories
- lots of fruits and vegetables
- a little bread
- no or almost no meat
- little or very little fish

No surprise!