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Pumpkin Squash

An easy way to prepare pumpkin, or any other hard squash is cut the squash
in half, scoop out seeds and pulp, retain seeds if you want to roast them
later; place the pumpkin cut side down on an old cookie sheet, one that's
already seen better days, and bake at 300 degrees for at least an hour. 
It's okay if the skin appears to blacken.  Remove from oven, allow to
cool.  The skin should then peel off easily in long strips. 

You can then puree the pumpkin (or other squash) pulp and use for pumpkin
pies, breads, cakes, casseroles, soups, etc. 

And, of course, all pumpkins taste better if you find a pick-your-own
field, or if you're really adventurous and decide to grow them in your
backyard, but the vines really travel, so if you groom your yard, you
probably won't want to do this.