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I definataly know the cravings problem...I don't ever have cravings for meat
(we're all mature, I think the asterix thing is silly..hope I don't offend) 
but I do have cravings fro high fat foods like real cheese and Ice
cream..especially bad as I'm lactose intolerant....
	a lot of studies with pregnant women have shown that the cravings they 
get are quite often based on a deficiency in their diet..there body knows what
it needs (or thinks it needs) and the cravings are the result...
.I'm a firm advocate  of a vlf veggie diet being able to supply everything the
body needs, but could it be that my body (and others) is so used to a SAD diet
that it thinks it needs something (i.e. fat or something in meat)???   
I guess I just offer this thought to support others who suffer cravings, I
don't think it all in the head, indeed I do think It may well have a strong
biological basis...Just have to teach our bodies that they don't need the
things we crave...