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Steve's Success Story

Congratulations, Steve!  Keep it up!  Walking every day is admirable; I
wish I had your discipline.

As for the fat counts, there are little pocket-sized books available
(should be in bookstores and even supermarkets) called "fat counters". 
Mine is The T-Factor Fat Gram Counter by Jamie Pope-Cordle and martin
Katahn.  They gave it to us in cardiac rehab, hoping we would carry it with
us everywhere. :-)  Actually, I find it fairly cumbersome to use (in spite
of its small size).  My approach is to figure that restaurant food will
always have more fat in it than I would put at home, and therefore to ask
for something with *no* fat (on the theory that they will cheat and put
*some* fat).  If there's nothing appropriate on the menu, I ask for a
special order.  Usually works--steamed or grilled veggies over couscous or
pasta, pasta with marinara sauce, pasta tossed with garlic and herbs and
fresh tomatoes, pizza with no cheese....I've had some good stuff!  I always
ask for the *least* amount of oil that the chef can get away with, and *no*
added cheese.  Lots of times, I get the best plate at the table.   :-) 
Good luck!

Ruth Hoffman       ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lake Zurich, IL
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes but in having new eyes." --Marcel Proust